I am Human And I am Imperfectly Perfect: A Contemplative Piece

Photo by YUCAR FotoGrafik on Unsplash

In my imagination, the sea is always peaceful

The sun shiny

The moon full and bright

The sky clear and blue

In my imagination, nature is always perfect

And when the sea is stormy, I will remember her peacefulness and patiently wait for the storm to pass

I will not be upset at the sun when she doesn’t shine

I will not abandon the moon when she’s not full or bright

And I will always cherish the sky, even when she’s grey and depressed

Then how come I get upset at myself when my sky is grey

And how come I judge myself when I am not shining bright

For I am nature embodied in human form

And nature doesn’t apologize for her storms

The sun doesn’t take permission when she needs to hide behind the clouds

The moon always shows up, even when she’s not full

And just like nature

I don’t have to judge myself when I am feeling low

I don’t have to apologize when I have my storms

For I am nature

And nature is imperfectly perfect

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