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On the first of July, I lost my beloved grandmother. Losing her felt unexpected. I thought she had more years left, or I hoped she would. I wanted to hug her a little more, especially since I was abroad the last couple of years and I didn’t get to see her enough. But I am very grateful to have made the decision to come back this past December. I got to hug my grandmother one more time, have a warm conversation with her, and hold her hands. These moments will stay with me forever.

My grandmother was especially close to…

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Have you ever wrestled with conflicting feelings, like feeling hopeful yet fearful? Or feeling like you want to keep on living but you’re also very exhausted?

Have you ever been taken over by overwhelming emotions? And then you tried to suppress them with your mind because feeling too much can be scary, or worse, wrong. Maybe you felt like you had so much to be grateful for so you don’t have a good reason to be sad.

Or maybe feeling too much joy felt scary because it’s an emotion that doesn’t come around that often. …

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First, let’s begin with the adjective “progressive”. A simple Google search shows it’s related to words like “progress’, “development”, “reform”, “innovation”, “forward-thinking”..etc. Through these words, we can see that to think progressively means to think along the lines of development and innovation. Though you now may ask: what kind of progress? Here, we need to emphasize the difference between thinking progressively and being progressive. Anyone may think progressively about something, but not everyone is progressive. Here’s an example:

Person A is an engineer who just discovered a solution to an engineering problem in their work. They applied progressive concepts to…

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The creative force may be separated into two parts: the expressed, and the unexpressed. The creative process isn’t linear and it’s not like having an idea or a light bulb moment that then is simply expressed. Being creative for some can look like a constant stream of ideas, visions, and emotions that are waging storms in their minds. For others, it can look like visions and ideas that only reveal themselves at certain unpredictable times. The common challenge for creatives alike lies in expressing these unexpressed ideas, regardless of how they show up.

The creative process often leads to restlessness…

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I don’t identify as a philosopher nor I read any heavy complicated philosophical literature. Though I find myself traveling to philosophy land quite often. I’ve always been curious about humans, the nature of reality, and the beliefs that structure our lives.

I find people fascinating, but I never quite understand what makes people different, yet similar at the same time.

Our human emotions are universal, yet the way we feel them vary from one another. We may share many beliefs, yet we each have a unique perspective of the world. This is the magic of being human. …

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He used to dim the lights in his room every night after he got back from work. He lit a candle and stared at it. He found it comforting to watch the flame burn slowly and peacefully. He lived by the sea, so he’d listen to the crashing waves too. In those moments, he felt content amidst his complicated emotions. It’s as if his melancholy changed shape and became more flexible, like clay. He could squeeze it now, and shape it into a heart, or a flower. Melancholy could look a little prettier.

He made himself warm lavender tea. It…

I AM A WOMAN by Artist Faiza Ramadan on

There was once a woman who lived a seemingly ordinary life. Her days were sometimes good and sometimes bad. She lived an imperfect life like humans do.

What set her apart was her art. She saw the world through different eyes that were expansive, introspective, and dreamy.

In her daily walks in the forest, the woman didn’t just see trees, she experienced them. In her eyes, trees reflected a larger network and a dynamic force that was interconnected with everything. …

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I never could figure out where my self begins and ends. Is the self something measurable? If we can measure it, then how big it is? or how small? And as I ask these questions, I realized just how absurd it is to think of self in terms of size. I can’t figure out where my self begins, because I can’t put my finger on it. I mean sure, I have a whole identity, and that can be enough, right? Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is that identities are a construct, and with this, does it mean that my…

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To be a writer is no simple task. I began writing in 2017 after hearing about an opportunity to write for a publication called Odyssey. I haven’t written much before that date so I had no idea if I can be good at it. The only source of motivation was my high school teacher who once deeply admired my essay. This meant that I must have potential as a writer, somehow. I also equally questioned my potential since anyone can write a really good essay once in a while. The only way to find out was to actually start writing…

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At some point in the not so distant past, people arguably led simpler lives. They had access to a steady source of information, through mediums like a daily newspaper or a collection of books. They may have read newspapers in the morning, or tuned into the radio in the afternoon. In all cases, consuming information was not a central theme in the days of most people. Fast forward to today, we can argue that consuming information has become a central theme for many of us.

According to research conducted by the International Data Corporation, 80% of people check their smartphones…

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I like exploring the complexity underlying our ideas, emotions, stories, norms, and lives.

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